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sobre aliança

Estava procurando um texto romântico, mas um pouquinho de dicas práticas não faz mal não.

Meaning Of Wedding Rings

A Circle of Love A wedding ring symbolizes eternity, endlessness, and something that can not be broken. Wedding rings are given as a token of unending love for each other. Traditionally, as a symbol of strength in the marriage, wedding rings are made from a metal. Nowadays wedding rings come in so many beautiful styles, it can be difficult to choose the perfect ring for you. Choosing your wedding rings can be the most pleasurable tasks of your wedding, so enjoy the experience. It should be a relaxing one on one time before the stress hits home, and the reality bites. As with all other aspects of your wedding, the dreaded ‘budget’ comes into play. You should have a budget set for both rings before going on that shopping trip. Do not rush into buying the first ring you fall in love with, as you probably will do. Shop around and try different styles until you are completely happy with your choice. Also make sure your wedding ring compliments your engagement ring as some engagement rings are difficult to match. Wedding bands can be of a simple design or encrusted with diamonds. Diamond encrusted rings will obviously be more expensive. The choice is yours! Different types of gold, yellow and white are available or the more stylish platinum, which is very popular now. Remember to allow the groom have his say in his own choice of ring. You choose your ring and let him choose his or you could opt to get matching bands. Matching bands are sometimes on special offer. So check with your jeweller. Many bride and grooms choose to engrave their rings with some special words or phrases. So allow time for this to be done. Occasionally, couples have each other’s rings engraved secretly, which can be a nice surprise for each other when you finally exchange rings and become husband and wife. So, consider these points when choosing those special tokens of your love for each other. Firstly remember your budget, be realistic and stick to it. Shop around and enjoy the task of choosing your wedding bands. Remember, you will be donning your wedding band, hopefully for the rest of your life, so be practical in your choice. The above advice applies to your choice of partner too! Try the rings on to fit. You don’t want the ring to be too tight that it is going to be painful nor too loose that it will slip off. The next time you wear the rings you will be a married couple. This is a very special time for both of you.


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